Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man is constantly dreaming and thinking about the future. At his heart, an Aquarius man is someone who is constantly dreaming up new goals and ways to accomplish them. He can be the leader in any group, and he hates to follow other people. Once he has made up his mind, he will stick to his believes and may be extremely stubborn. There is also a tendency to live life on the edge since an Aquarius man loves to have fun and find adventures. To find out more about an Aquarius man in love, read on.

Overview of an Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man loves to have a good time. When he is single, he loves to flirt with the women around him. Unlike the impulsive Aries, he is ready to settle down if and when he finds the right person. To capture his attention and get him to commit, his partner must be intelligent, strong and brave. She has to be able to match him intellectually and be willing to follow him from one dream to the next. In the bedroom, the Aquarius man is known for being wild, exciting and passionate.

The Downsides to Dating an Aquarius Man

While there are many benefits to being with an Aquarius man, there are a few negatives that you have to prepare for. An Aquarius is constantly dreaming and thinking up the next adventure. Because of this, he will become easily bored if his life is the same routine every day. An Aquarius may even seem inconsistent because they are trying to find new excitement in their lives. Some women grow frustrated after dating an Aquarius man because he is seldom where he says he will be at the time that he says that he was going to. He is willing to let the wind and his dreams blow him away in a moment, so he is not always consistent. If you are willing to go along for the ride, then an Aquarius man in love can be the perfect partner.

Other than being inconsistent at times, an Aquarius man can be quite a flirt. Often, he does not realize that he is flirting with someone. He likes to talk and get to know people, and other people can easily assume that he is flirting. If you easily become jealous, then his flirty behavior can be infuriating. He probably does not mean anything by it though, and he will end the day back in your arms again.

As a lover of all things fun, an Aquarius can quickly become bored. He is more than willing to commit to the right partner, but this does not stop him from getting bored. If the relationship is stuck in a rut, an Aquarius man may decide that his best option is to run away and find something new. You have to be intellectually engaging, personable and interesting if you want to keep his attention over the long run.

Relationships With an Aquarius Man

There are some benefits to having a relationship with an Aquarius. An Aquarius man in love is extremely passionate and only says what he means. Unfortunately, his sincerity and ability to commit does not mean that he will not get bored. He has a playful attitude and a fun-loving nature that makes him constantly look for something new to enjoy. If you see guys who flirt with everyone around them, then you probably saw an Aquarius. Some people think that an Aquarius is just a player because he flirts constantly, but he is more than capable and willing to settle down with the right person.

If you want to be wooed by flowers and chocolates, you should probably find a different zodiac sign to date. An Aquarius man is passionate, fun and thoughtful, but he won’t think about buying a card or a beautiful present for you. When he thinks of a gift, he considers amazing hiking trips, candlelight dinners and skydiving. If you love adventures like scuba diving or unexpected romantic gestures, then an Aquarius man is the right partner for you.

Before you even decide to date an Aquarius, you have to know that he needs personal space. He dislikes feeling tied down or required to spend time with you. While he may love being around you, it has to feel natural and organic. He loves his independence and needs time alone to recharge. If you even seem to act needy or possessive around him, the relationship will not last for long.

You should also remember that an Aquarian does not find it easy to say he loves you. He will not say that he loves you unless he really, really means it. Instead, he will most likely show how much he cares for you by how he acts around you. If he is always there when you need him and constantly seems to do things just to make you happy, then he probably is in love with you—he just won’t say it yet. Don’t push him on this because he will tell you his feelings when he is completely ready to.

Aquarius Love Compatibility: What Type of Woman Does He Need?

An Aquarius man is looking for a woman who can be his partner in life. He wants someone who has the same love of adventures and fun. When he hopes on a plane to go skydiving, he will want his partner to be at his side. He can be flirty at times, but he is open to settling down with the right person. If you love adventures and are just as intellectually strong as he is, then you will be the right partner for him.

On the opposite side of the coin, an Aquarius man will never stay with a woman who seems to needy, clingy or dependent. He loves his independence, so he will run the other way if it seems like you are holding him back. He wants a strong, confident and independent woman who is his match in life. An Aquarius is constantly dreaming new things and working toward a goal, so he will want someone who also has these qualities. Someone with a good career, goals and a stable outlook on life will be a good match for an Aquarius man.

An Aquarius in the Bedroom

According to some people, the Aquarius man is the most passionate and enjoyable zodiac sign in the bedroom. Part of this is due to his love of adventure and fun. He is willing to experiment in his normal life, so he brings this same tendency into the bedroom. He is always willing to try new things and is constantly dreaming up unusually stunts. This type of guy loves to be teased by his partner and is more than open to draw out the sexual encounter over several hours.

While an Aquarius man is great at trying new things in the bedroom, he will get bored if you do the missionary position every night. He wants provocative new ideas like skinny dipping in the pool or role playing. Whatever new idea you want to try, your Aquarius man will probably be open to it.

Aquarius Man Romantic Compatibility

Like all of the zodiac signs, there is some individual variance. While one person may fit all of the Aquarius description, some people may only match some of them. Because of this, these Aquarius romantic compatibility matches are only general guidelines. If both partners want to make things work and are committed, they can overcome their zodiac signs and be together. If you do happen to be one of these signs though, you will find it much easier to date your Aquarius man.

Aquarius and Aquarius: While it is always possible to get too much of a good thing, an Aquarius and an Aquarius can do fairly well together. Both partners are fun-loving, intelligent and social creatures who love to have adventures. The main thing that you have to overcome is your ability to share your feelings. One or both of you must learn to express your love, or it may be hard to have a warm, caring relationship.

Aquarius and Gemini: This is one of the best combinations. You both love working toward goals and having intelligent conversations. This means that both of you will have a partner that keeps you mentally and emotionally engaged over the long haul.

Aquarius and Libra: Both the Aquarius man and the Libra woman love to be social. You enjoy having a great time together, so you are perfectly matched to have plenty of adventures as a couple.

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